(Inventory Commands)
(Inventory Commands)
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* [[Wear|Wear/Wield]] equipment (w)
* [[Wear|Wear/Wield]] equipment (w)
* [[Take off]] equipment (t) or Take off equipment (T)
* [[Take off]] equipment (t) or ''Take off equipment (T)''
Use this command to take off a piece of equipment and return it
to your inventory. Occasionally, you will run into a cursed item
which cannot be removed. These items normally penalize you in some
way and cannot be taken off until the curse is removed. If there
is no room in your inventory for the item, your pack will overflow
and you will drop the item after taking it off. This command takes
some energy.

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The following command descriptions are listed as the command name plus the "underlying command" key. This is followed by the command name and "roguelike" keyset key in itallics, if different from the underlying command key.

Some commands use the "repeat count" to automatically repeat the command several times, while others use the "repeat count" to specify a "quantity" for the command, and still others use it as an "argument" of some kind. Some commands are auto-repeated several times if no repeat count is given and the "always_repeat" option is set.

Most commands take no "energy" to perform, while most other commands only take energy when they cause the world to change in some way.

Inventory Commands Edit

  • Take off equipment (t) or Take off equipment (T)

b: Browse

B: Bash

g: Get

o: Open

p: Purchase

r: Read Scroll

R: Rest

>: Down

<: Up

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