Town Buildings Your character will begin his adventure with some basic supplies, and some extra gold with which to purchase more supplies at the town stores.

You may enter any open store and haggle with the owner to buy or sell items of the appropriate type. The price that the shopkeeper requests is dependent on the price of the item, the player's charisma, the shopkeeper's "greed" factor (the Black Market shopkeepers are always *VERY* greedy), and the races of the player and shopkeeper.

Once inside a store, you will see the name and race of the store owner, the name of the store, the maximum amount of cash that the store owner will pay for any one item, and the store inventory, listed along with the prices.

You will also see an (incomplete) list of available commands. Note that many of the commands which work in the dungeon work in the stores as well, but some do not, especially those which involve "using" objects.

Stores do not always have everything in stock. As the game progresses, they may get new items so check from time to time. Also, if you sell them an item, it may get sold to a customer while you are adventuring, so don't always expect to be able to get back everything you have sold. Note that the inventory of a store will not change while you are in town, even if you save the game and return. You must spend time in the dungeon if you wish the store owner to clear out his stock and acquire new items. If you have a lot of spare gold, you can purchase every item in a store, which will induce the store owner to bring out new stock, and perhaps even retire.

Store owners will not buy known harmful or useless items. If an object is unidentified, they will pay you some base price for it. Once they have bought it they will immediately identify the object. If it is a good object, they will add it to their inventory. If it was a bad bargain, they simply throw the item away. In any case, you may receive some knowledge of the item if another is encountered.

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